Wrapping Pictures in glass frames

  • Need to use a glass mask (similar to cling film), this offers protection in case of  glass breakage during transit. The glass mask prevents the shards from spreading and causing additional damage, in case of glass breakage. You only need to place  this on the glass, do not place on frame as it can potentially damage the frame.
  • Use 1 layer of foam all around the frame, make sure no tape goes on frame
  • Use 1” bubble wrap to cover the entire frame, ensuring the bubble are facing inwards.
  • Going in the opposite direction to the former step, use 1” bubble wrap to cover the  entire frame, ensuring the bubbles are facing inwards. Now you have at least 2 layers of  bubble wrap.
  • Protect the corners by adding additional bubble wrap.
  • Place in box and ensure all gaps are filled with Bubble wrap or similar (e.g. air-filled bags)
  • Seal the box, shake it and press on at top and bottom, nothing should move and when  pressing the box should not compress. If needed, open the box and ensure all gaps are  filled and may require a layer of bubble wrap at top and bottom of box.